Twinset – War_Drobe


The influencer Paola Turani is the new protagonist of  Twinset’s commercial.

She takes up the challenge of style and we see two Paola, each of them has a crew like a rapper star in a freestyle contest of outfits.

The choreography ideas by Anna Larghi.

The film was shot in Fabbrica Orobia, Milan.


Production Company: (h)films
Agency: Armando Testa
Creative Director: Michele Mariani
Art director: Laura Sironi
Copywriter: Marta Agostini
Executive Producer: Paolo Gatti
Producer: Federica Dordoni
Junior Producer: Myriam Pinotti
Director: Jacopo Farina
Dop: Stefano Grilli
Editors: Matteo Motzo/ Emanuele Sansone
Color Correction: Daniel Palluca
Post production: Post Wanted
Audio: Top Digital