The Life Saving Dot


‘Life saving dot’ : Asian award winning project with some Italian blood. 

Grey Singapore and (h)films together for a good cause win 5 Lions at Cannes


(h)films is proud to have collaborated to the success of such a useful project created by Grey Singapore. An international team with some Italian blood has in fact contributed to the shooting of the case history film documenting this innovative product and its application in India.

Directed by Italian director Giovanni Fantoni Modena, the film has been produced by (h)films, through a close collaboration with Cinzia Crociani, Art Director and Designer, Ali Shabaz, the chief creative officer and copywriter on the project, and their team in Singapore.

Life Saving Dot is a project aimed at reducing Iodine deficiency through iodized bindis – bindis are the colourful dots Indian women wear on their foreheads symbolyzing their status.

At Cannes it has won the recognition of different juries, garnering 5 Lions: 2 Gold (Well Being & Environmental impact, Creative Innovation Lion), 1 Silver (Health & Wellness) and 2 Bronze (Corporate responsibility PR, Health & Wellness).

The Neelvasant Medical Foundation and Research Center, a nonprofit group based in India, worked with Grey Singapore to create and distribute the medically enhanced versions of the decorative dots that women wear.

This product has women soaking up their daily dose of the nutrient through their skin – much in the same way as, say, a nicotine patch – lowering their risk of breast cancer, fibrocystic breast disease and complications during pregnancy – some of the health issues linked to iodine deficiency.

With the help of Talwar Bindi, the life saving dots have been distributed in four areas of india, so far.