Tam Airlines – The OwnBoard Magazine


On the occasion of the eighth anniversary for its direct route from Milan to San Paolo, Tam Airlines decided to focus on its core values, namely innovation and constant improvement of passenger services, creating with FCB Milan ‘The OwnBoard Magazine’, the first completely personalised in-flight magazine, realised with a clever use of passengers’ social data.

Connection to facebook during online ticket purchase allowed the agency to learn more about individual passengers’ tastes, passions and preferences. These data, crossed with the date and place of destination, became unique personalised content for each passenger, and a unique copy of The OwnBoard Magazine.

The magazines were fully implemented in the time between facebook connection and take off.

Thus passengers were able to read a magazine on board which was fully dedicated to them, with a cover featuring their name and picture, with individual items chosen on the basis of their likes and their interests. Their photos, those of their friends, updates from social networks and real-time weather predictions, interests and passions.

All these gathered together in the magazine, making it personal and engaging.

The case history was produced by (h) films and directed by Camopajamas.