Salvatore Ferragamo – My Life is a Play


My Life is a Play is the title of the new campaign ideated by Humans and produced by (h)films for “Signorina” by Salvatore Ferragamo. A masterpiece fragrance by the historic Florentine brand.

The campaign, signed by Luca Albanese and Francesco Taddeucci from Humans, is on air worldwide from yesterday February 14, 2016. From our staff Executive Producer Paolo Gatti and producer Federica Dordoni were in charge of the project.

“Signorina radiates a ‘joie de vivre’ a multifaceted personality and an intense social life. Innocent and mysterious, chic and rebellious, but especially ironic and sure of herself. Her life is a magic comedy in which she is the one and only director”.

It is from this inspiration that the claim My Life is a Play was conceived as well as the desire to set the campaign in a theatre. The commercial is a true ‘piece teatrale’, 4 minutes divided in three acts, filmed in its entirety in a studio in Budapest.

The visionary direction is by Sebastien Grousset and the elegant cinematography by Pawel Edelman (DOP of Roman Polanski and Oscar nominee with the Pianist). The perfect union of these two talented artist brought about a creation that is completely new and original in the universe of perfume campaigns.

“Signorina”, a contemporary muse that lives in a world of contrasts, is embodied by model Grace Hartzel, a real raising star.

We are very proud to have been part of the amazing project and we hope that you will love it as much as we do.

Agency: Hmns
Creative Directors: Luca Albanese & Francesco Taddeucci
Head of Fashion: Rosa Gambino
Executive Producer: Paolo Gatti
Producer: Federica Dordoni
Director: Sebastien Grousset
DOP: Pawel Edelman
Art Director: Andrea Rosso
Editor: Giacomo Prestinari
Post Production: Band
Music and Sound Design: Bso

My life is a play – has been awarded for the Production Design a Silver at the Berlin Fashion Film Festival and a Gold at the Ciclope Film Festival 2016.