Peugeot 508 – What drives you?


Peugeot wanted to tell Stefano Accorsi’s journey accompanied by three Italian excellences famous in three different areas,  strictly connected  with the DNA of the new Peugeot 508: DESIGN, TECHNOLOGY, and DRIVING EXPERIENCE.

Stefano invited them to take a drive on the new Peugeot 508 asking them to answer the question “what drives you?” and to explain what means Excellence and how they can get it.

Fabio Novembre, one of the most important Italian designers in the world, Chiara Cocchiara, aerospace engineer who has been nominated by Forbes as one of the most influent under 30 in Europe, Flavia Pennetta, the first Italian tennis player ranked in the world top ten and winner of the US Open 2015.

They accepted the invitation and they joined the project giving their contributes, their experience, their thoughts.