Born in Leonhard (Austria), Laurentius is a director characterized by his great character castings, subtle humor and strong, vivid storytelling, all enveloped within a detailed and cared for lighting and photography.

His cinematic style is very often garnished with large scaled postproduction.
After having studied cinema at the University of Vienna Film School, he studied advertising direction at the German Film Academy Baden-Württemberg where he collected various awards including the International Porsche Prize for Advertising Direction.
He quickly moved on to direct through some of the best production companies in Germany and abroad, and his work has been showcased in SHOTS, SAATCHI DIRECTOR’S SHOWCASE and also shortlisted for the CANNES YOUNG DIRECTORS WARD.

He speaks fluent German, English and also very good Spanish. And he’s big on the language of Food also, being a big foody!
His talent has so far led him to direct commercials for strong international brands such as Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW, Suzuki, Guinness, Nokia, T-Mobile, IKEA, Bosch, LG for markets such as China, Russia, Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland..
Laurentius is most of all passionate about his work, he’s a perfectionist in many respects and extremely thorough and clear throughout all the stages of production.