ENEL – Big Bambú


Mike + Doug Starn

Big Bambú – Macro Museum – Testaccio, Rome

Created by American artists the Starn Brothers as a living or- ganism in constant change in its complexity and energy, the work Big Bambu grows up to 30 meters of height, through the use of a solid, exible and symbolic material, bamboo. Thousands of bamboo rods are linked and interlocked with a traditional method, enabling the creation of an unusual structure-sculpture where visitors can enter the actual sculptu- re along specially constructed walking pathways.

The work was built manually by the artists themselves and their group of expert climbers from Italy and around the world . Within the architecture-sculpture, the unforeseeable intersection of bamboo becomes a playful element and ex- pression of the multiplicity of life, imagination and human creativity.

With its exibility and complex shapes and turns, the physi- cal elements of bamboo construction encourage the visitor to re ect in the space on this work of art that is in constant transformation, conceived as if the construction is in nite.

A big living organism that turns, moves and adapts in time. In this way, the Starn brothers have created one of the few works of contemporary art, while presenting itself as a nished sculpture, but will forever remain organic and alive – adding the capability to welcome the audience and incorporate them as an integral part of the process.