Desperados – Deephouse


(hfilms) crew has filmed the first underwater party ever made.

Desperados has once again pushed the boundaries of wild experimentation in parties, by turning the world’s deepest pool into a dancefloor:

42 meters deep pool, 3 trillion bubbles, 4.3 million litres of water, 80 influencers from all over the world, the best DJs such as Peggy Gou and Artwork.


Production Company: (h)films
Agency: We Are Pi
Executive Creative Directors: Rick Chant/Barney Hobson
Creative team: Kyle Foreman/Tom Bird/Tom Biddulph
Executive Producer: Stella Orsini
Producer: Federica Dordoni
Jr. Producer: Myriam Pinotti
Production manager: Federico Comolli
Director: Hobson Chant
Technical coordinator: Martina Amati
Underwater cameramen: Daan Verhoeven/Fabio Ferioli/Finn White-Thomson
Dry cameramen: Lorenzo Dalle Donne/Margherita Leofanti/Filippo Castellano/Andrea Paganini
Sound Engineer: Mauro Magnani
Editor: Will Judge
Associate Editor: Finn White-Thomson
Sound Design: Alex Nicholls-Lee/Wave Amsterdam
Music: “Deep Down” performed by Artwork/composed by Arthur Gordon Smith