ALCE NERO – Nero su Bianco


The 2019 is the 41st  year of activity of Alce Nero.

In 1978 young pioneers imagined a different way to cultivate the land and produce food: organic farming. 2019 was the time to look back to strengthen and confirm their strong identity and values ​​built over four decades of history. There are more than 1,000 organic farmers and processors in Italy today who recognize the Alce Nero brand, 14,000 small-scale farmers in the world, gathered in cooperatives that protect their work.

This film speaks of them, speaks of Alce Nero.

Agenzia: Pink Lab
Project leaders: German Silva & Pier Paolo Pacchiarotti
Creative Team: German Silva, Josè Henriquez, Martin Polonsky, Jesus Molina, Maria Leo, Manuela Lopez-Isasi, Carolina Pacchiarotti
Brand Team: Pier Paolo Pacchiarotti & Emanuela Moneta
Casa di produzione: (h) films
Regia: Igor Borghi
Dop: Manfredo Archinto
Executive producer: Elena Galimberti
Producer: Caterina Sacchi
Editor: Marco Battiloro
Post produzione video: Edi, Effetti digitali italiani
Colorist: Giorgia Meacci
Musica & audio: SingSing